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10th-Sep-2007 01:30 am - A Daily Routine
Days become unusually long
night exceptionally lonely
memories fading second of time.
Ever wondering how she could be,
what she could be doing
and whether she would be thinking of me.

Running through a figment of collective past
Stealing comfort through the picture as I see us.
Seeking joy from reading letters in the time of us.
That moment of truth and touch remains - in my heart.

Did we came to be only to not be?
Would it be a time of testing or the end of the story?
Drawing strength from future uncertainties,
a walk with life would seem less tough to be.

This is a poem someone wrote for me a good 2 years ago.
Very well written, isn't it?
It is beautiful. :)
29th-Jul-2007 07:59 pm - back to where i came from
i think i'm shifting back to blogspot again.
cheers. :*)
27th-Jul-2007 02:14 am - fuss free again

i have gotten myself a new crop.
i REALLY love short hair.
but this time, it got really short.

do you think this will make a good tattoo design?


it is his convocation too.

and well done to the all the graduands of reccos too! :)
22nd-Jul-2007 06:14 pm - LVER

I'm very looking forward to the screening of "LA VIE EN ROSE".
Its about the life of Édith Piaf, the original singer of the song,
her life, her struggle as a singer
and how she blew everyone away with her signature song - "La Vie En Rose"
And i absolutely love the song too!
I can't wait to sit in the cinema for this magnificent movie!


22nd-Jul-2007 02:21 am - Vanilla Friday

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